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You've successfully navigated your way to the internet's best site for finding out about your JAA licences and their requirements! Learning about learning about how to fly is - let's face it - not all that thrilling. So this site aims to give you all the information you need to know to get your licence (whether you just want to fly for fun or become one of the lucky few who gets paid to hurtle through the sky) in an interesting way. Plus there are Photoshops. Loads of Photoshops.

DirectoryFlight School Directory & Reviews

Find a flight school near you, read it's reviews, and get in touch using our easy to use snazzy interactive flight school directory!

TimelineFlight Training Timeline & Course Information

Read up on that licence you want to get - requirements, what you'll do on the course and how to do well!

VideosFree Flight Training Videos

Watch our (pleasingly) free flight training videos if you fancy a good procrastinate.

articlesAviationally Related Articles

Designed to thrill and excite - our articles will show you what to expect in your flight training and how to jump all the hurdles.

medicalsJAR Class 1 & 2 Medical Information

Requirements to pass, what happens in the examination, and how long you can go between these happy little hands on sessions.